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Welcome to the most popular & seamless print ordering system in the professional lab & photography trade today. Compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Christopher’s Roes software offers a virtually unlimited number of creative print options with a simple click of your mouse. Also, because this program is a Java base client, we are able to automatically update this program on your computer with our latest features and products by simply opening the program. From your studio straight to our lab production, it’s never been easier!

How to get started:
• If you are a current customer, you will need your lab account number.
• If you are not a current customer, please submit a customer application online, email or call 1-800-296-3194 ext.3 so that we may set your studio up with a lab account number which will be needed for submitting online orders.
• For technical Roes support, email or call 800-296-3194 ext.110.
• After installing the software, you must fill out the customer information screen. After establishing a customer account number, you are now ready to start submitting orders.


Click Here to download Christopher’s

• Multiple image thumbnails can be dragged or double-clicked to add several images to the order quickly such as proofing. Click on the first image in the preview window while holding down the shift key and double click the last image to add all the images to your order.
• Becoming familiar with the “holding” crop, options, and quantity between images of the same size can be quite helpful in allowing you to quickly process sets of similar images.
• There is a minimum of 10 different images for proof service. Do not mix proofs with other reprints.
• To print a copy of your order, click on “show order” button before submitting it.
If you do not have high speed internet service you may choose to save your order to a CD & submit it to our lab and still receive your reduced online pricing.
• If you shoot film, it is highly recommended to have your images saved to CD at time of process & proof so that you can submit your reprint orders online and receive the benefits of unique digital items at reduced online pricing.




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